The very best wishes for 2023! I hope the new year will make all your wishes, dreams and goals come true. 

Now you may be thinking I'm getting a little too far ahead with my title "Summerproof," and while I absolutely love summer, I'm fully aware that t is nowhere near the heart of summer right now. 

Especially now in these chilly winter months it is ideal to pick up your waxing routine again. I very often see people deciding to wax in the summer almost as a shock reaction 2 days before their planned summer vacation. The thought is 'then I'll be hair free for 6 weeks and I won't have to shave the whole vacation'. 

Unfortunately, it doesn't work that way.
Hairs grow in different stages and if you have always shaved, your skin will not be 100% smooth after your very first waxing treatment. This is because from shaving the hairs grow irregularly. You will still feel some stubble here and there after your first wax treatment and these stubble will usually grow into serious hair within 1 week. 

Generally, you need at least 3 wax treatments to get the hair to settle down and grow more evenly. That's also when you're most likely to come out of your wax treatment super-smooth. (At least if you don't shave in between!)

Men and 1st time waxing
Another thing I often see is that people (especially men) schedule their very first ever chest and tummy waxing just before they leave for that lovely sunny beach vacation, hoping to show off their abs without any pesky hair. 

Unfortunately, the skin on the abdomen and chest of men is extremely sensitive to skin irritation and rashes after waxing. The skin on chest and abdomen is just not used to so much, the hairs seem to grow from the spine so strong, and if you remove the hairs with so much violence (it's not that violent, I exaggerate a bit for dramatic effect), in 70% of cases the skin will react. Generally, after a few wax treatments, the unpleasant reaction on the skin is much less and also gone with a few days. 

Of course, it's unpleasant when you think you can go and show off your abs at the beach and then suddenly find yourself with irritation and pimples for 2 weeks. Since you also need several waxing treatments here to experience how your skin reacts and how long the irritation lasts (and goes away again), it is wiser to start waxing much earlier. 

It takes some planning ahead and thinking about how you want to spend your summer vacation this year. 

My Advice
My advice is to start your waxing routine right now during the cold winter months, experience how long your hair takes to grow back, recognize how your skin reacts to waxing and how to treat and care for it to get rid of it as soon as possible. Of course I can help you with that with advice on the best liniments and wax emulsions.

Of course, by starting to plan and prepare now, you are also secretly looking forward to those wonderful sunny moments.

If you want to know more about this or have any questions, feel free to contact me! 


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