Is waxen goed voor de huid?

Is waxing good for the skin?

Is Waxing Good For The Skin? Waxing is a common method of removing unwanted hair from the body. The process involves applying


The very best wishes for 2023! I hope the new year will make all your wishes, dreams and goals come true. Now you may be thinking that


Angels Beauty is a professional hair removal and body sculpting salon located inRotterdam. We specialize in professional treatments with wax, laser hair removal,cryolipolysis and body sculpting. We offer a

Sensitive Skin and Resins

On the phone, a client usually has sensitive skin according to her. I use a cream resin for most clients for the large areas

Brazilian Wax For Pregnancy

A common question is, "Is it possible to have Brazilian Waxing during pregnancy?" Yes of course! There are many wax salons that indicate no ladies

Does waxing hurt?

You know what I hear most often before someone lies down on the couch with me for the first time? "Does it hurt?" And that's

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