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Special Offer for your first Brazilian wax!

then I have a special offer for you: brazilian wax + armpits waxing for only € 57,50

I look forward to welcoming you to my wax practice.

Our experience

I have been a waxing teacher and waxing specialist since 2005. In short, I teach waxing and I wax every day.

Now I dare say with confidence that I can wax, and I understand from my clients that I do it well, too. But in early 2005 I was insecure and frustrated About hair removal and waxing.

I thought this must be possible to do better. I decided to use the literally take knowledge and experience around the world (Belgium, England, Italy, USA). Because in beauty school, minimal attention is given to waxing, much less the Brazilian Wax.

Waxing is fun!

For example, over the past few years I have learned how to:

  • properly, quickly and with as little pain as possible does the Brazilian Wax on women
  • the Brazilian Wax on men should be done properly, quickly and with as little pain as possible
  • need to wax the whole body
  • picks up speed
  • Be able to apply different waxing techniques
  • men must wax
  • Must deal with different skin and hair types

The WAXEN IS so LIKE!!! You see immediate results from your work and your customers make you happy. That gives satisfaction.

"If You Let Me Do The Brazilian Wax I'll Make Sure You Leave My Salon With A Clean, Good Feeling And With As Little Pain Experience As Possible."

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