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Appointment for treatments

  • Without exception, all treatments at Angels Beauty are always provided by appointment.

    If it's your first time at Angels Beauty and àll it's your first time waxing, it's helpful to be under the FAQ read through the articles on what to expect, how to prepare but also what is important to get the maximum success out of the treatment.

  • No-cost cancellations can be made up to 24 hours prior to your appointment. At Canceling within 24 hours or not showing up will be charged the full appointment fee

  • When you first schedule an appointment at Angels Beauty, the booking system requires a deposit of 50%. The appointment is not final until the deposit is paid. 

  • Rather be 5 minutes early than 5 minutes late. All appointments at Angels Beauty are tightly scheduled so that as many people as possible can be helped within the available times. If you show up at the door exactly on time, the treatment actually starts too late because there are often restroom visits or phone calls before we actually proceed to treatment. I would like to give all the attention and service to you, as I should, but if I have to rush because the treatment starts later than planned, I cannot guarantee the best quality.

  • We have a maximum waiting time of 10 minutes when you arrive late. Depending on the type of treatment, if you arrive later, the appointment will be shortened or even cancelled altogether.