Cavitation focuses on removing localized fat deposits using ultrasound or high-frequency sound waves that weaken the cell membranes in the fat cells and release triglycerides. The released fatty acids and waste products are then disposed of by the body. Cavitation treatments do not destroy fat cells but cause the fat cells to empty their contents, so to speak.

A Cavitation Treatment

Cavitation treatments combine ultrasound sound waves with radio frequency. The advantage of this is that at the same time as breaking down fat in the fat cells, the collagen in the skin is stimulated and regenerated. The skin rejuvenates and becomes tighter. These treatments are perfect for removing localized fat deposits (think cellulite and layers on the lower abdomen and hips) and tightening sagging skin.

Cavitation Treatment may be applied weekly and can also be perfectly combined with our other BodySculpting treatments. No recovery time is required after treatment and the treatment is painless.

A Cavitation treatment takes 30 min per body part with a maximum of 2 different body parts will be treated consecutively. After 1 treatment you can reduce 1 to 4cm in size.

A Cavitation may be applied once a week on 1 body part. Visible results can be expected after 2 months.

How to prepare for a cavitation treatment

Contra Indications:

- If you want to become pregnant or are pregnant

- If you have a copper IUD

- If you have a pacemaker

- If you are physically unwell

- if you have metal or silica gel in your body on the parts of the body to be treated

- If you are about to undergo abdominal surgery

- If you have an open wound

- If you suffer from hemophilia

- if you have diabetes

- in cardiovascular diseases

- in gallstones

- in epilepsy

Before, during and after treatment it is recommended to drink plenty of water

Do not consume heavy meals 2 hours before and 2 hours after treatment

After treatment, it is recommended to exercise for 20 to 30 minutes

Treatments advice

A Cavitation treatment can be performed on the back, abdomen, thighs, lovehandles and upper arms. The treatment takes 30min and the price per treatment 129 euros.


Because you often need multiple treatments to achieve the desired results, we also offer the option of strip cards for multiple treatments. 

In addition, our experience has shown that results can be even more beautiful and faster if you combine several body sculpting treatments in 1 session. Prior to such a session we determine together which treatments best suit your needs. Below you have the various choices


129 One-time
  • BodySculpting 1 device per session
  • Max 25 minutes


249 One-time
  • 2 body sculpting sessions in 1
  • Max 75 minutes


299 One-time
  • 3 body sculpting sessions in 1
  • Max 90 minutes

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