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What If I’m Not Able To Walk After A Brazilian Wax…

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In my Waxing Studio, I hear a lot of stories, especially fears of people who had the courage to have a Brazilian Wax for the first time.

The most common fears:

  1. “What if I’m not able to walk after a Brazilian Wax…”
  2. “My skin will be all red and puffy after waxing, which is not sexy, right?”
  3. “The pain ….”
  4. “Is a stranger going to touch all all my private parts …”
  5. “Will my skin be not very sensitive after waxing?”

In Short, What To Expect After Your 1st Waxing Treatment??

First of all, I understand that you can feel insecure and anxious. The waxing studio where you have scheduled your appointment, has (I assume) a lot of experience in waxing of different parts of the body.

Most of the time, the treatment will be done in a relaxing atmosphere, so you don’t feel uncomfortable in a clinical environment.

I like to chat, make jokes and fun conversations. I also like to ask questions e.g. about your work, vacation, hobbies…

This is because I have an inquiring mind, but also to change your focus and to put you at ease.
I understand that it can make you feel insecure and uncomfortable, if you don’t know who will touch you at all your (intimate) parts of your body.

Rule of thumb at my Waxing Studio: “Everything that’s painful, should not take too long.”

That doesn’t mean I will rush the treatment, but the general idea is to feel no or as less pain as it possible in the shortest amount of time. Most body parts won’t be waxed in long strips, because that’s unbearable. I wax small areas and as fast as I can, so the feeling of a long entailing, nagging pain is avoided, as much is possible.

If I notice that you are really in pain, especially with the Brazilian Wax, I will take one step back and will work together with you on breathing exercises. Though the treatment will last longer than usual, if you focus on the breathing, the pain will be bearable.

1st Time Waxing Can Be Very Painful

Don’t underestimate 1st time waxing, especially after a long period of shaving, it is quite painful and can easily irritate your skin. Your hair is course and harder because of shaving.

These hairs are more firmly in your skin, which you will feel during waxing. That’s why the 1st treatment is the most painful, and I take my time to make this treatment as pleasant as possible.

It is true, that if you continue with waxing, the hair will be softer and easier to remove. Also the pain will become less than at your 1st treatment.

What about the skin? Can your skin feel completely raw and painful after waxing? Red and bumps? Itching, irritation?

Yes and no.

If you have never waxed a part of your body, it is possible that your skin has a different reaction. Your skin will have to get used to the feeling of waxing.

The skin may react with redness, bumps or some small pimples. Often this can be seen immediately after the treatment. It may look horrible but this is really a reaction of your body to the violence.

Usually it’s gone in a few days. Incidentally on the chest, stomach and back of men it can take a little longer before the skin is normal again. Men skin is much more sensitive and the hair is often much course.

When you’re waxing for the 2nd time (or more), you will notice that your skin recognizes it and the reaction is less intense.

An allergic reaction is more intense, which immediately shows after the wax has been on the skin. Also itching and burning can appear and possibly bumps with pus.

So far I have not seen such a reaction in my waxing studio. In these cases you’ll have to go to the doctor for antibiotics.

Does Your Skin Feel Raw After Waxing? Not with me.

Your skin feels raw when the same part is waxed over and over again within the same treatment. Each time you will lose a bit of dead skin cells until nothing is left and you will get a large abrasion. This should not happen!

The skin may be a bit sensitive and shivery feeling after the wax treatment, because waxing is ofcourse quite violent for the skin.

Obviously you are not suppose to leave parts of your skin in the Waxsalon!

Men often experience after waxing their chest, stomach and back a gentle breeze under their shirt, which the women often feel after waxing the legs.

Very rarely, the redness can take longer when waxing the pubic area (Brazilian Wax) – up to three days, unless you’re naturally red-haired, it takes a little longer.

In most cases, within an hour your skin is calmed down and returned to normal color and feeling.

It is very important with all that is described above, to follow the instructions of your wax specialist. Especially when it’s your first time waxing.

Don’t do things which can increase the risk of rashes and irritation.

Alright, I think your first time of waxing was the least enjoyable. However, next time you know where you stand, and it should go well.

Last Tip
Always make sure that you get waxed by an expert.


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