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40% Off! First Time Your Brazilian Wax By Angela

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“Are You Wondering Where To Get A Brazilian Wax?
Do You Ask Yourself If There Is A Wax Technician Who Will Help You SkillFully?”

From: Angela
Wednesday, 12:51 p.m.

Dear Visitor,

Are you wondering where to get a Brazilian Wax with less or no pain, where the Wax Technician helps you quick so you can feel Clean and Sexy as soon as possible?

Hi I ‘m Angela Jasai,

I ‘m a Wax Teacher and Wax Technician since 2005. In short: I Teach Waxing and Wax every single day!

Before 2005 I wasn ‘t that confident of my waxingskills as I am today. I was insecure about my hairremoval techniques and waxing skills.

The thing is, here in Holland the Beauty Schools pay very little attention to waxing in general, and the Brazilian Wax isn’t even a part of the course!

I did not accept my lack of knowledge and experience in waxing. I decided to learn the techniques and get the skills on Hair Removal and Waxing literally from all over the World (USA, Italy, Belgium, England).

In the past years I’ve learned:

  • How to perform the Brazilan Wax for women quickly with less or no pain
  • How to perform the Brazilan Wax for men quickly with less or no pain
  • How to wax a full body
  • How to speed up in waxing
  • how to master several wax-techniques
  • How to wax men in general
  • How to deal with the variaty of skintypes and hair-types

WAXING IS SO MUCH FUN !! You get immediate results and make your clients happy. That ‘s the real reward!

“If You Have A Brazilian Wax By Me I Will Make Sure That You Leave My WaxSalon Clean, Feeling Good About Yourself, And With No Or The Least Pain As Possible”

All my DAILY Waxknowledge and Waxexperience of every kind of person, with every kind of skintype and every kind of hairtype results in the BEST WaxTreatment for YOU.

Especially for you, as a welcome gift, I have a 40% DISCOUNT on your First WaxTreatment by me.

Get Your 40% DISCOUNT Now:

I look forward to welcoming you at my WaxSalon.

Your Wax Technician