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About Angela

Your Brazilian Wax Technician Angela

Hello, my name is Angela Ganga – Jasai. I’ve been working in the Beauty Business since 1999 together with Aswin, my husband. As you may have guessed by my last name, my roots are not 100% Dutch, although I was born and raised in Rotterdam. My parents migrated from Surinam (a colony of Holland till 1976) sometime during the seventies (20th century ;)) to Holland. I was born after the big movement, here in the Netherlands. Aswin and I are married. Together we’re raising three kids and running our business at the same time! We have two boys and also finally a little girl.

I was born on March 26, 1979. You can do the math to figure out how old I am. It is not ladylike to share this information voluntarily. After finishing Elementary, Primary, Junior High en High School I went to study Tax Law in 1997 at the Erasmus University in Rotterdam. Now, going to the University for me was doing the expected and not what I really wanted to do. What I really wanted, is to be a Beautician!

During Law School I completed Beauty School (never finished Law School though…) and in 1999 I opened my first homebased Beauty Salon, together with Aswin. I also completed a course in Aromatherapy. Having a Hindustani background and kids of our own, we combined Arometherapy in a workshop Babymassage. That’s how I started teaching. I had so much fun with all those little adorable babies…

So I had been working from home till 2005, I stopped teaching Babymassage but I always remained a beautician. In 2005 we purchased our house on the Graaf Florisstraat 78A and I moved my beauty salon to this address. I also decided to become a Wax Specialist / Wax Technician during this time. We were kind of surprised there were so very few specialists in the Netherlands in waxing and especially the Brazilian Wax. We decided to learn and discover more about waxing and teach this art to other people. You can see the results for yourself on (yeah I know it ‘s in Dutch, but you get the idea).

Besides waxing, I’m also a certified nail technician and I’ve completed masterclasses in Artificial Acrylic and Gelnails. In the past I also taught the art of artificial nails students. I’m also a certified Make-Up Artist and have been taking many other courses and workshops to stay up to date and in touch with beauty and Wellness.

It makes me really happy to be a Wax Specialist / Technician and to be able to teach this wonderful art to other people who want to be a Wax Specialist also. The nice thing about waxing is you get to make your clients happy and you can see the results immediately after cleaning the skin.

Besides my profession as a Wax technician and Beautician I also have anoher a BIG passion. I love to bake and create cakes and pies. After the decission to stop working in the Nail business I couldn’t put my creative mind in my work anymore. Now, I tend to use my baking urges to create beautiful and delicious cakes. You can see my cake creations at (Again in Dutch, you get the picture).

I think this is all there needs to be said about me! I hope to welcome you soon in my Wax Salon!

Kind regards,