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Brazilian Wax and Laser Hair Removal at Angels Beauty (old text)

Waxing and hair removal at Angels beauty

Hair removal on your body is a serious business. Because it is not a medical treatment, too often services are offered by persons with too little knowledge and experience. And that while the wrong treatment can lead to serious health problems. At Angels beauty only highly trained specialists and we work with the best materials and equipment. Better safe than sorry. 

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More than 20 years of experience

At Angels Beauty women and men can go for all possible hair removal and beauty treatments. After being founded in 1999 by Angela Jasai we were first located at Graaf Florisstraat 78A in Rotterdam since 2005 and now since March 2021 at Industrieweg 132 in Rotterdam Spaanse Polder.

First time?

Many people have to cross a threshold when they decide to undergo treatment. Every body is different that is why we choose a personal approach. Through an intake interview (which can also be done by phone or email) we look together at your needs and physical characteristics and explain the various treatment options. Then you can make an informed choice from the various techniques that Angels Beauty offers.

Are you considering a Brazilian wax for the first time?

Then maybe this will win you over. If you decide to have a professional Brazilian waxing at Angels beauty now, we will give you a whopping 40% discount on your first session! An offer you really can't turn down.

Satisfied clients

Eric van Goethem
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Great to be treated by someone with so much experience in waxing. Pretty much painless for me and another nice experience. Thank jewel Angela👍
Samira El kaychouhi
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My regular wax salon am always super satisfied. Angela works super neat and fast
Joey den Broeder
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Fine first waxing experience with Angela. The guidance is super, you get a neat warning when it gets a bit painful, but above all it's just very pleasant. On to the next time!
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Roland Martinus
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A neat and professional salon. Appointments are easy to make through the website. The salon is located in an industrial area where ample parking can be found. At the appointment you will receive a friendly welcome. I have been going every time for a year now for back and buttocks waxing treatments, which every time with a good result.
Nob Andreas
Nob Andreas
Top notch treatment! Fast, friendly and ultra knowledgeable!
Sammy D
Sammy D
Service always top!!! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!!
Melenie Goncalves
Melenie Goncalves
Work environment is clean. Owner herself is also very hygienic. She also makes you feel comfortable!
Wytske Lunter
Wytske Lunter
Sitting on Angela's couch is almost a party. Professional and knowledgeable as well as fun. I always look forward to my 6-8 weekly appointments. She gives great tips and offers lots of options. I have been satisfied for years!
Sarah Kist-Sharoubim
Sarah Kist-Sharoubim
I have been an Angela client for 8 years now and have not been dissatisfied with any resin treatment. Angela is knowledgeable and continues to develop. Top quality.

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